May 162012


We’ve decided to start a new series of posts called “The Best Films Set In…”. The setting can be a place (like Tokyo), a location (like the beach), or a time (like Winter). In these posts we’re going to pick our 5 favourite films that are set in that particular place/location/time and explain why we like them. We’ll aim to post a new one every week. If there is a time or place you would like to see featured then tweet or email us! Alternatively, if you’re interested in writing one yourself, please let us know!

Check out our first entry – The Best Films Set In…Tokyo after the jump.

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May 152012


Joint Security Area marks the birth of the modern Korean blockbuster. It quickly became the highest-grossing film in Korea at the time, achieving over one million admissions in only 15 days. Check out our thoughts on Joint Security Area (공동경비구역 JSA) after the jump.

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May 122012

BlogathonSam Fragoso, who runs the excellent site Duke and the Movies has started a new blog-a-thon called ‘Extraterrestrial Blog-a-thon‘. Participants are asked to pick 5 films to represent humanity to extraterrestrial forces who know nothing about earth or our society.

Check out some more of Sam’s thoughts behind this blog-a-thon, and see my five choices after the jump!

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