May 102012


The SFF 2012 programme officially went live yesterday and ticket sales are underway. You can view the programme here and buy tickets or passes here. After the jump check out my thoughts on the line-up and my confirmed schedule.

Initially I was a little underwhelmed with the line-up. Several of the films in the programme have been doing the festival circuit for a year already, or have been released in cinemas in some overseas markets. I was also surprised to learn that SFF does not have an animation section. Although there are some animated films showing (including The King of Pigs which is in official competition) the lack of an animation section means that I’ll have to travel to MIFF to get my Japanese animation fix (assuming they have some!).

Despite this, there are plenty of quality films! There were more than 25 that I would have seen if money and time were no object.  Below are the 16 films I have booked and am locked in to see. This will probably be my limit due to work, and the need to actually sleep at some point.


Wed 6th
7:30pm – Not Suitable For Children (Opening Night Film)

Thurs 7th
6.15pm – Caesar Must Die

Fri 8th
6.30pm – Beasts of the Southern Wild
8.30pm – Moonrise Kingdom

Sat 9th
9.00pm – Rampart

Sun 10th
2.00pm –On the Road
9.45pm –Amour

Mon 11th
2.10pm – Alps

Tues 12th
6.15pm – The King of Pigs 

Thurs 14th
7.00pm – Holy Motors

Fri 15th
6.45pm – Liberal Arts
9.00pm – Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai 3D

Sat 16th
11.45am – Neighbouring Sounds  
4.15pm – Side by Side

Sun 17th
10.00am – Monsieur Lazhar
2.30pm – Wuthering Heights
8.00pm – Safety Not Guaranteed (Closing Night Film)


Films I want to see but don’t fit in my schedule: Death of a Japanese Salesman, The Last Dogs of Winter, The Imposter, Undefeated, Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter, Jeff, Who Lives at Home, The Comedy, Dead Europe

Films that I am waiting to be released in cinemas: A Royal Affair, Bully, Polisse, Miss Bala, Tabu


Follow me on twitter (@sakura_59) for tweet reviews and other festival discussion. If we are attending the same film then please let me know – festivals are a great way to meet people and there will be drinks and plenty of movie chat to be had!

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