May 122012

BlogathonSam Fragoso, who runs the excellent site Duke and the Movies has started a new blog-a-thon called ‘Extraterrestrial Blog-a-thon‘. Participants are asked to pick 5 films to represent humanity to extraterrestrial forces who know nothing about earth or our society.

Check out some more of Sam’s thoughts behind this blog-a-thon, and see my five choices after the jump!

From Sam’s entry explaining the thoughts behind this blog-a-thon/instructions:

Films emulate reality through the creation of imagination. And within that imagination we perpetually are shown a new world, time, or place.

During great films we sometimes view parts of ourselves in the characters, or perhaps we see a society we live in or know of, being portrayed and observed in a light we’ve never seen before. Nevertheless, the purpose of going to the movies, as most perceive, is to be transported from reality.

However, every once in a while we receive more than what we expect, and it stirs our emotion in ways that often can’t be articulated.

In many ways, this is the thesis of my blogathon: Film is fictional, but sometimes movies – no matter how unreal they may be – poignantly and beautifully portray a certain area of life that can only be viewed through our imagination, through the silver screen.

For those intrigued, here is the prompt inspired by James Ward, for all of you to participate in:

Extraterrestrial forces land on Earth. Unknowing of our planet and society, you can pick five films from the history of cinema that represent humanity. What titles would you choose and why?


In picking my five films I wanted to try to convey the different types of humanity and human experiences that people experience throughout their life – love, pain, suffering, friendship, triumph, joy, despair etc. I didn’t want it to be all gloom and doom – hopefully I have struck a balance.


Stand By Me This moving coming-of-age films covers so many aspects of humanity. Childhood, friendship, adventure, fear, death, and even love.



Wall.E  – Yes this is an animated film, but what other film illustrates the destructiveness of human greed and capitalism in such an effective way? This negativity is balanced out by a truly beautiful relationship that really shows what it is to love.



Ikiru (生きる)– A film that explores the meaning of life and our existence as humans in the most heart-breaking and profound way.



American Beauty  – Modern society and values are pretty f*cked up really…



To Kill a Mockingbird – shows the very best and the very worst of humanity. Goes to the root of what it means to be a man.


Wow that was tough. I’d love to hear your thoughts!