Apr 062012


Easter weekend is here! For many of us that means four days of rest and relaxation. Why not use this time to watch movies? After the jump, check out our suggestions for films to watch this Easter (in cinema and on DVD).

In Cinemas


The Raid

What better film to watch this Easter than one that is so packed full of high-octane action, that you will literally be perched on the very edge of your seat for the whole ride. Nothing says Easter quite like martial arts…..right? Take along your brother that won’t stop talking and let the “smash! bang!  pow!” drown him out.


The Hunger Games

If you have to escort your young adult children to a film, then why not this one? A great cast, interesting story, and tense action scenes will keep everyone in the family entertained. Not really suitable for the wee kids – leave them with your mother.


New to DVD


Take Shelter

For many people Easter is about spending time with their family. Well Take Shelter is one of the most powerful explorations of what it means to be a father and to protect of your family. It’s not exactly a feel good film, but it will certainly make you feel. Best enjoyed with a loved one who is available for hugs immediately afterwards.



Another film with an incredibly strong family story/conflict at it’s heart. Had a falling out with a family member? Watch this film, cry, and then call them. Easter is as good a time as any to mend broken bridges. This film will give you a lovely Easter gift of love and heart.


Classic Picks – Provided by  Film Student/Reviewer Mark Roulston


Superman Returns (2006) & Robocop (1986)

This time of year can be a little odd for the atheists among us but fret not, there are films out there which, while maybe not specifically ‘Easter Films’, can allow non-believers to get into the spirit of the season! If you’re after thinly-veiled Christ allegory then look no further than Bryan Singer’s much maligned Superman Returns (2006). Certainly the film is flawed, but it offers an interesting take on the resurrection, particularly coming from an openly gay director, and is considered by some (myself included) to be vastly under-appreciated. For my personal favourite take on the resurrection however, we need to go back a little further to the decadent days of the 1980s, and Paul Verhoeven’s satirical masterpiece Robocop (1987). Brutally violent and oddly prescient, Robocop (Peter Weller) is Jesus for a decaying world of crime and consumerism, a modern-day saviour in a metal suit. All the story beats are there: the crucifixion, resurrection, and message of peace (albeit delivered at the barrel of a gun). Anyone doubting the connection should give Robocop another look this Easter, not least of all for the wonderful, pre-CGI violence effects (extreme stigmata!), and to appreciate a true classic before the remake comes along and spoils it all.

For the kids, big and small


My Neigbour Totoro (1988)

You think the Easter bunny is magic? Well the Easter bunny is a poorly imagined concept in comparison to the magic on display in this beautiful film. Buses that are actually flying cats, dust-bunnies, and magical “totoro” creatures that are  the most adorable things on screen ever.  The relationship between the two sisters is a great example for little girls who aren’t getting along. This is a great movie to watch while munching through your pile of chocolate.

Jumanji (1995)

Easter, like many holidays is a time when you’re often stuck with your family in a crib/batch/boat/holiday house/plane with not much to do, and no way of escape. This is the time when many families will crack open the games cupboard and dust off that bi-annually used boardgame. Well Jumanji is a boardgame to end all other boardgames. Sure it’s silly and not really believable – but it’s good fun and it might save you from an endless game of monopoly with your frugal cousin.

Thanks to Mark for his contribution. Be sure to check out his blog for more of his film writing.

Do you have any films you like to watch at Easter? Any plans to watch something special? Let us know in the comments!