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The gods are back to fight another battle, and it’s even more personal than before. Check out our review of Wrath of the Titans (3D) after the jump.

In Wrath of the Titans we are reunited with Perseus (Sam Worthington), a decade on from his epic battle against the Kraken (which we saw in Clash of the Titans). A lot has happened during those 10 years. Perseus has gone back to his quiet life as a fisherman’s son, he has been married (and since widowed), and has a young son. The situation in the world has gone downhill to a point where the gods can’t keep things together any more. People have stopped praying to the gods, and as a result their power is slowing weakening. The gods are not happy with the people and they are not happy with each other. Wrath of the Titans is like one giant family disagreement – but these guys are gods, and when they don’t agree with each other there are serious consequences.


From here the story doesn’t matter all too much – and let’s be honest, no one who goes to see this really cares too much about plot. It is all about the action, and this film has plenty of it. Unlike the Clash of the Titans, this film was actually filmed in 3D and it shows. There are a few really impressive scenes which use the 3D to its full potential. One scene shows a structure changing and moving as the bricks change position and turn sections of the structure in different directions. This looks awesome in 3D, and it really immerses you in the scene. The film-makers have obviously had fun with the 3D and visual effects, and they are a vast improvement over the first film.

There are some really fun action set-pieces in this film – gods fighting gods, gods and humans fighting each other, and there are some really interesting looking Cyclops thrown in for good measure. Édgar Ramírez does a good job as the brutal and heartless god of war Ares; while Bill Nighy provides some much-needed comedic relief as the outcast god, Hephaestus. It’s also nice to see a female warrior (Rosamund Pike) who is actually there to fight and not just there to be eye-candy for the lead male character. Sadly that’s about where the positives end.


Sam Worthington (who is sporting a ridiculous haircut) just doesn’t have the on-screen  presence for this role. Sure it’s not his fault the dialogue is laughably awful, but it doesn’t mean he needs to deliver it in a monotone Australian accent – it almost feels like he is going to tack “mate” on to the end of a few sentences. Talking about accents, this film is like the United Nations of accents. There is English, Australian, American, and even Spanish. I’m not sure how Perseus can have an Australian accent, while his son who has been with him his entire life ends up with broad British accent… Do they think we aren’t going to notice these things, or do they just not care?

There is a lot of talking about nothing in the film and it gets boring in parts. The characters are so wooden and one-dimensional that you really can’t emotionally invest in the outcome of the story, and by the time the final “epic” battle comes you really don’t care. The film spends a lot of time setting things up (and has the characters explain who they are and their relationships to each other multiple times), but when it finally gets to the climatic moments, it just rushes through them and they’re over before you can figure out what happened. While there is a lot of good action in the film, there is an equal amount of bad action. The shaky-cam is back with a vengeance, and in some scenes it really is impossible to see what is going on.

Overall, Wrath of the Titans is a film that falls short of a pass grade. While it has some impressive action scenes and some good 3D, the awful dialogue and boring story takes a lot of the fun out of seeing it.


The Facts

Director: Jonathan Liebesman
Writer(s): Dan Mazeau, David Johnson (screenplay & story) & Greg Berlanti (story)
Starring: Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, Rosamund Pike, Bill Nighy, Ralph Fiennes
Runtime: 99 minutes
Release date(s): Australia & New Zealand: March 29 2012

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