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Too many films, too little time! Check out our brief thoughts on 3 films currently available to rent & own.

Midnight In Paris


The Academy Award winning film (best original screenplay) sees Inez (Rachel McAdams) and her partner Gil (Owen Wilson) join her parents on a business trip in Paris. Gil a frustrated writer goes on walks in the evening to clear his head and discovers a window into a whole other world. Midnight in Paris is part modern-day frustrated artist meets modern living conventions and part cultural reference bingo. While the supporting cast are great (better than the leads actually), they do little more than play the part of, ‘guess the cultural reference/figure/work’. The story is predictable, the lead characters unlovable, and the themes are as shallow as a teaspoon of sweet milk. This film is best viewed as a lovely jaunt around beautiful Paris with a brief glimpse at some interesting figures in modern cultural history.




Are you wearing your ‘campy 1980s film hat’ ? If not you might want to tune out. Piranha is in no way a good or serious movie, and it knows it – that’s what makes it so much fun. An underwater earthquake ruptures a fault-line underneath a popular lake, which cause hundreds of pre-historic man-eating piranhas to be unleashed. Of course it’s break time and hundreds of extremely good-looking and plastic-surgery “enhanced” young adults are partying in and on the lake. And so plays out a game of flesh-eating fish vs. basketball breasts. This is not a film for the feminists, vegetarians, or animal lovers out there. It’s gory deaths, bad acting, graphic nudity, and laugh-out-loud 80s stupidity. A perfect film to watch with a group of friends.


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1


The fourth film in the Twilight franchise finally sees Bella marry her true love Edward. After the wedding they head off on their honeymoon where they find out that human-vampire coupling isn’t as easy or simple as they might have hoped. They return from their honeymoon to deal with the fallout which includes a very angry pack of werewolves who believe the vampires have broken their long-held treaty. Fans of the books and previous films will adore this film. The wedding and early honeymoon scenes are quite lovely and have plenty of romance. Kristen Stewart gives a good performance as the very nervous and undeniably human Bella; she is completely believable as a nervous girl before her first night with her man. Sadly the dialogue is awful, the pacing is terrible, and the wolves! – really who decided the wolves’ thoughts sounded like that? A film for the fans but for not those who aren’t invested in the story.


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  3 Responses to “Snap Reviews: Midnight in Paris, Piranha, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1”

  1. It is a shame you didn’t find the magic of nostalgia in Midnight in Paris. Though I have lost a little bit of love for it since I first watched it, a smile never left my face. Yes, Rachel McAdams’ character is very weak, but I enjoyed the scenes early on with Michael Sheen, and Gil is hard not to like. I also though Owen Wilson was fantastic, and his wild adventures – running into Hemingway and Dali especially – were a joy. I also loved the set design, photography and energy throughout the film.

    Piranha was fun – so bad it is hilarious, but it knows that.

    I actually watched Breaking Dawn and I thought it was awful. The first half of the film could have been finished in about 15 minutes. Why it was that long I will never know. The second half, when more action takes place, was atrocious – with one of the worst scenes I think I have ever seen on film. Still, I agree – fans will love it. There is a climactic battle that is almost impossible to make out – and the usual atrocious dialogue and acting. The make-up on Edward and the vampires is as bad as ever too – but the effects work on Bella when she was sick was actually pretty good. I gave it a 1.

    • I wish I liked Midnight in Paris but the whole movie felt to me a bit like a in-joke that was trying to one-up itself. I found Owen Wilson’s character insufferable and wanted to slap him. It was a beautiful film though – for that reason alone it got a 2 from me.
      I saw Twight twice and it never bored me despite it’s many flaws.
      Thanks for the comments!

  2. Great set of reviews you’ve got here, Sam!

    Now I must confess that I haven’t seen all of ‘Midnight in Paris’, well actually to be a lil more accurate I haven’t seen more than 15 min of it. I tried to watch it and didn’t even get to the part when Owen Wilson gets to meet all the famous people….so I have been meaning to go back and give it a second look but it sounds like the final result is pretty much what I expected it to be. Thanks for confirming that.

    As for ‘Piranha’, it didn’t really appeal but after reading your tweet it kind of peaked my interest LOL! So I might need to give it a watch when I don’t want to watch something that takes itself too seriously…

    As for ‘Twilight’, I have no comment because it’s not really my type of thing.

    Thank for the good read.