Mar 142012


Too many films, too little time! Check out our brief thoughts on 3 films currently available to rent & own.



Did William Shakespeare actually write the works he is famous for, or were they in fact penned by an anonymous author? This tantalising question of Shakespeare’s legitimacy is what hooks you in, however you’ll soon find yourself lost in a world filled with far too many characters and enough sub-plots for several stand-alone films. What this film does very well is create a rich and beautiful world filled with stunning sets and gorgeous costumes. The royal palace and court really does come alive on the screen. The impressive cast does a fine job with what they are given. Unfortunately the story contains so many players on multiple timelines that it feels very disjointed and is often quite hard to follow. A film of interesting ideas that just fails to spark.



Mike, a “functioning” junkie lawyer (Chris Evans) takes on a medical supply corporation in a fight to get safer needles in hospitals, after a nurse contracts HIV from an accidental needle jab. It’s a classic underdog, good vs. evil fight – except the good is represented by Mike, who is a completely one-dimensional character played quite well by Evans. He gets high and he practices law – both of which he is quite adequate at doing and both of which he undertakes without any obvious feelings. It’s hard to care about the outcome of this messy story when the main character doesn’t seem to care either. This film is also quite frankly a bit of a mess – the direction is terrible, the camera-work is very odd, the script is lazy, and there is no emotional heart whatsoever. This film would have worked much better as an episode of a law-procedural TV show, but only if it was made by someone else.

The Trip


Two friends in very different stages in their lives go on a week-long culinary tour around Northern England. Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon play (what one can assume is) slightly “louder” versions of themselves in this film, which is more about life choices than it is about scallops. The stand-out feature in the film is the celebrity voice impressions. The two men are very talented with their voices and have a long history of doing fantastic impressions. You’ll never be able to take Michael Caine seriously again! Coogan and Brydon have great comedic timing and it’s really fun to watch them bounce of each other with jokes and insults. The film touches of themes of life progression, the importance of family, regret, and friendship. There are some moving moments of personal reflection. Although the gags do wear thin by the end, it is very enjoyable and amusing film. We would recommend watching the TV series if you enjoyed the film – it gives the audience a much better understanding of who the men are and why they act the way they do.

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