Feb 062012


Not excited about The Avengers yet? Well after the jump check out the OMG SO FREAKING COOL extended Super Bowl commercial for the upcoming Marvel superhero spectacular!


What do you think? Excited yet?

  6 Responses to “The Avengers – Extended Super Bowl Commercial”

  1. Excited yet? I was excited YEARS ago! I’m not trying to be a snarky hipster but I have been wanting this for a damn long time.

    “We have a Hulk”. Here’s hoping they also have a Hulkbuster. Comic geeks will know what I’m talking about.

    • I’ve only started to get excited recently after finally seeing THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA. This commercial is the goods though! I hope it will live up to your expectations.

  2. Yeah I’m very much in “can’t wait” mode for this one. I read some of the Avengers comics in my younger days, so I have the whole nostalgia thing going on. (Yes, GeekOfOz, it know what a ‘Hulkbuster’ is.)

    Also, the movies in the franchise so far have been really good. (Except maybe Hulk and Captain America, which were average.)

    • I was always more of a DC girl myself, but it just feels like they’re on the right track here. The casting seems pretty spot-on across the board. Only a few months to wait now!

  3. Oh geez, what awful typos in my comment.

    Anyway, yeah, the casting has been almost faultless. Downey Jr owns the portrayal of Tony Stark; and the likes of Skarsgard, Dennings, and Rourke brong a degree of class to the tableau. Heck, even Paltrow, who I’m no fan of otherwise, is pitch perfect as Pepper Potts.

    And you’re right, the series of Marvel ‘Avenger’ films seems on the right course. I credit a lot to producer Kevin Feige. Names like Whedon, Favreau and Branagh are the high profile ones on the creative side, but Feige has been the constant so far in bringing the Marvel characters to the big screen. I suspect he has a fair degree of say over script and director selection, and has kept a good hand on keeping the tone and continuity even over the series.

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