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Film podcasts are a fantastic (and free!!) way to check out reviews of the latest films, hear film news and to learn stuff about films/film makers etc! We can’t think of a better way to fill in the daily commute. There are literally thousands of film podcasts out there that cater to all types of film lovers – even Twilight Fans. After the jump learn a little more about four podcasts that we love.



Cinematica is a weekly film podcast based in New Zealand. It contains reviews of new release films (which match the New Zealand Release schedule), film news, and discussion of film issues. The 3 hosts all have knowledge about the film industry, and there is usually quite witty and knowledgeable banter between them. The show often has quite interesting guests who add some depth to their discussion. It’s worth checking out if you’re outside of New Zealand too – not everyone thinks the same about things, so varied opinions and perspectives must be valued.

Check out Cinematic at cinematica.co.nz



Arguably the grand-daddy of film podcasts, Chicago-based Filmspotting have been providing quality reviews, commentary, and top 5 lists for more than 350 episodes. The show is now in its 3rd incarnation with Chicago Film critic Josh Larsen recently replacing Matty Ballgame Robinson. If you’re looking for a show that discusses the indie films out there, than this is the one for you. Although they don’t ignore the mainstream, the focus is very much on non-blockbuster films. With 1-2 in-depth reviews a week and a top 5 which is linked thematically and/or by person to the reviews, you’ll be sure to learn something new while listening to Filmspotting.

A Filmspotting spin-off podcast called Filmspotting SVU has recently started and is also worth checking out. Hosted by Alison Willmore and Matt Singer , it’s focus is video on demand (VOD) titles.

You can find information about the hundreds of episodes you need to catch up on at filmspotting.net

Hell is for Hyphenates


Hell is for Hyphenates is a monthly film podcast based in Australia. It’s hosted by Paul Anthony Nelson and Lee Zachariah, who are joined by a different guest each episode. The show covers the latest releases (matched to the Australian release schedule), in-depth film discussion, and a regular ‘film auteur of the month’ feature. It is this look into the filmography and history of significant filmmaker which makes this podcast stand out from the rest. The filmmaker is chosen by the guest of the month and could be someone you think you know well, or someone a little more obscure. Sophia Coppola, Mike Leigh, and John Waters are just some of the filmmakers the show has discussed. A great way to discover some new films.

Check out the show at hellisforhyphenates.com



This US based weekly podcast is the official podcast of the film site slashfilm.com. Hosted by David Chen, Devindra Hardawar, and Adam Quigley – the show covers what the hosts have been watching (film & TV), film news, and one detailed review of a new release film (including a spoiler section). The show also has a ‘after dark’ episode in which the hosts talk about things of interest to them or answer listener’s questions. The thing which makes this show stand out is the banter and chemistry between the hosts. They each have quite different tastes; and this often results in them having disagreements over films. Film is quite subjective, so it’s great to hear their varying points of view. The show usually has a weekly guest who generally adds a lot of knowledge and/or humour to the show. Those who like their film criticism with a bit of humour on the side should check out the two episodes which feature director Rian Johnson as the guest.

Find out more at slashfilm


Do you listen to podcasts? Do you have a favourite one? Let us know in the comments.

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