Feb 032012


Chronicle is one of those films that just comes out of nowhere and slaps you over the head. The marketing for the film has been low-key and mostly of the “viral” variety. A tumblr showcased Chronicle art by fans and artists; while /film reports that the film hired a marketing company to fly 3 people-shaped remote-controlled planes around some New York Bridges. The trailer, while giving some indication of what we might see in the film, remains quite vague and shows jumbled-up clips from all over the film. The result of all of this is that you go into Chronicle a little intrigued with only a fleeting idea what you might see.

Is Chronicle a found-footage film, a supernatural film, an action, a dark comedy, a family drama, a tale of friendships? Chronicle is in fact a really interesting and unique combination of all of these. It’s a small budget film with big budget results.

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