Feb 232012


It’s almost Oscars time! Just for fun we’ve ranked the best picture nominees from the best to the ‘how the hell are you even nominated?’. Check out the rankings after the jump.

  1. Hugo
  2. The Artist
  3. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
  4. The Tree of Life
  5. The Descendants
  6. Moneyball
  7. The Help
  8. Midnight in Paris
  9. War Horse


Hugo and The Artist are the real stand-outs in this list – both are beautifully made odes to cinema. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close had a central story that was so universal and so strong – yes it was manipulative, but the key themes overcome that. Much like Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, The Tree of Life had a powerful central story surrounded by a lot of rubbish – it sure was beautiful though. #5-#7 are all fine films with some outstanding features but nothing that screams ‘best picture winner’. Midnight in Paris was a feature-length advertisement for the city of Paris; while War Horse…….let’s not revisit that.


So what do you think of the rankings? Please challenge them in the comments and share your own ranking of the best picture nominees!



  7 Responses to “Oscars 2012: Ranking the Best Picture Nominees”

  1. I’m about to fall asleep, but just briefly, here’s my order. I may expand on it tomorrow.

    1. The Descendants
    2. The Tree of Life
    3. Moneyball
    4. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
    5. Hugo
    6. Midnight in Paris
    7. War Horse
    8. The Help

    [I haven’t yet seen The Artist.]

    • Oh, and here’s a question: What film, if you could pick just one, would you add to the list of nominees?

      I’d add ‘Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy’, and without hesitation make it my #1. It’s far better than any on the Academy’s list.

      • Interesting ranking Steve! What is it that makes THE DESCENDANTS your number one?

        If I could only add one film….tough one. Probably SHAME. It’s such a beautiful film with a powerful theme, and extraordinary performances.

        • What made The Descendants my number one was mostly the lackluster competition. I probably only liked it about the same as you – maybe a tad more. As you may have gathered from my predictions blog post, I’m not much of a fan of this year’s list.

          As I’ve said on your other post, The Tree of Life is an interesting failure for me; The Artist is overrated; I have nothing good to say about War Horse or The Help; Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close was an interesting mess. Moneyball and The Descendants are both pretty good, without glaring flaws. Nothing amazing though.

          • Fair enough. None of the 6 films that blew my mind in 2011 were even nominated, so I didn’t really feel passionate about any of them!

  2. Ours are so different, but I suspect Tree of Life might be a little higher now 😉

    1. The Tree of Life
    2. Moneyball
    3. Midnight in Paris
    4. The Descendants
    5. The Artist
    6. Hugo
    7. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
    8. The Help
    9. War Horse

    • Nice list Andrew – good to see War Horse in it’s rightful place! I think TOL would be somewhere between 2nd and 4th now for me. I still have issues with it but appreciate it a whole lot more.