Project X

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Feb 292012


Project X is the code-name of the 17th birthday party of Thomas – the party which he and his friends hope will somehow make them popular. Do they succeed and is the film worth you cinema dollar? Read our review after the jump.

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The Best Films of 2011 – Updated

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Feb 282012


Back in December when the ‘Best Films of 2011’ list was compiled, there was a whole lot of 2011 films which hadn’t come out in New Zealand or Australia yet. The Artist, Shame, The Descendants, and Tinker Tailor Solider Spy to name just a few. Now that these 2011 films have been released, the final version of our ‘Best Films of 2011’ list can be revealed. Check out the list after the jump.

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The 32nd Annual ‘Razzies’ Nominations

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Feb 262012


The nominees for the 32nd annual Golden Raspberry Awards (or Razzies) have been announced. Typically awarded the night before the Academy Awards, this year they will be awarded on April Fools Day. Check out the nominations after the jump – one poor guy has 11 of them!

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Revisiting The Tree of Life

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Feb 262012

The Tree of Life Photoset 2

The first time I watched The Tree of Life I did not like it. I thought it was a very pretty 2 hour+ meditation video – not a film. People told me the second time was better and I really should re-watch. For some reason I resisted for quite some time…

This week I finally relented and watched it again. Read my thoughts on revisiting and reassessing the film after the jump. Warning: this blog post contains spoilers for The Tree of Life.

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Trailer: American Reunion

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Feb 232012


A new official trailer for the upcoming American Reunion (aka American Pie 4) has been released. A little less risqué than previous trailers, it shows the gang reflecting on the choices they’ve made and wondering if they were once as annoying as teenagers “these days” are.

Check the trailer out after the jump.

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