Jan 092012


As a film enthusiast and new resident of Australia, I feel that is my duty to deepen my knowledge of Australia film. I have to admit that my knowledge is limited to the more main stream films which have had cinema releases in New Zealand. Films like Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Castle, Rabbit Proof Fence, Tomorrow When the War Began etc. The Castle is currently my favourite Australia film. It’s got so much heart and still gives me a laugh 14 years on (can you believe it’s 14+ years since it’s release?).

So I took to Twitter to ask my (rather knowledgeable) followers what their favourite Australia film was. Thank you everyone for your contributions to my film education. List below! Note: some of these may not be strictly Australian films only, but I’ve listed all that were nominated.

The following 4 films received the most votes

*The Castle (1997), dir. Rob Sitch

*The Interview (1998), dir. Craig Monahan

*The Proposition (2005), dir. John Hilcoat

*Two Hands (1999), dir. Gregor Jordan


The following films are the rest of your favourites (in alphabetical order)

*Animal Kingdom (2010), dir. David Michôd

*Babe (1995), dir. Chris Noonan

*Bad Boy Bubby (1993), dir. Rolf de Heer

*Balibo (2009), dir. Robert Connolly

*Beneath Clouds (2002), dir. Ivan Sen

*Candy (2006), dir. Neil Armfield

*Chopper (2000), dir. Andrew Dominik

*Gallipoli (1981), dir. Peter Weir

*Ghosts of the Civil Dead (1988), dir. John Hilcoat

*Hercules Returns (1993), David Parker

*Lantana (2001), dir. Ray Lawrence

*Look Both Ways (2005), dir. Sarah Watt


*Mad Max (1979), dir. George Miler

*Mad Max 2 (1981), dir. George Miler

*Noise (2007), dir. Matthew Saville

*Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975), dir. Peter Weir

*Roadgames (1981), dir. Richard Franklin

*Romper Stomper (1992), dir. Geoffrey Wright

*Siam Sunset (1999), dir. John Polson

*Snowtown (2011), dir. Justin Kurzel

*The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (1994), dir. Stephen Elliott

*The Dish (2000), dir. Rob Sitch

*The Square (2008), dir. Nash Edgerton

*Wake in Fright (1971), dir. Ted Kotcheff

*Walkabout (1971), dir. Nicolas Roeg

*Young Einstein (1988), dir. Yahoo Serious

Note: this list was originally posted on my tumblr